Guys!!! If you are planning to get married this year and money is your Problem, This year might just be your year. News coming out of Kano is encouraging.

The Kano State Government said it earmarked more than N100 million for the wedding of another batch of 1,000 divorcees and widows scheduled for January.

The Director-General of the state Hisbah Board, Alhaji Abba Sufi, disclosed this in an interview  in Kano on Thursday. He said the board had “since started preparation in readiness for the mass wedding”.

“The screening of the prospective couples has commenced in earnest in all the 44 local government areas of the state,’’ he said. Sufi said prospective couples must undergo medical checks, including HIV and AIDS, genotype and hepatitis tests, among others. So no need to fear for STIs.

Sufi said the state government would pay N20,000 dowries to each of the brides, in addition to providing essential items for the couples meaning that you will get extra cash to start up your family. In July last year 250 widows and divorcees were joined under the second batch of the mass wedding.

Hurry Up Guys!!!

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  1. Kano gov’t is funny,instead of creating job opportunities & tackling d insecurity in d state. Jst imagine another channel of embezzlement!


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