Omotola Send Sango To Her Fan

Omotola Jalada is definately one of naija top celebrity. That aint news again abi…… Well, if you doubt that, then go ask the over one million people who liked her page on facebook.

What is news, however, is that omotola recently lost her cool on the microblogging site, Twitter. The actress had been accused by some fans of staging a fake reality TV show which started airing on the 6th of December 2012.

Omotola didn’t find it funny at all as she gave it ‘hot’ to her accusers.
Read her response below:

“My Show fake? Hahaha…. U could not recognize what fake is if it starred you hard in the face and punched you! #sangostriketheirteeth”

As omo Odua myself, I can confirm to you that ‘Sango strike their teeth’ is not a Prayer at all. Omotola had wish thunder to strike the teeth of her accusers.

Haba Aunty omotola, That one too much now!

What do You Think?


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