The Original “My Oga at The Top” – How NCSDC Boss Blabbed on TV.

If You are young and trending, then you’ll definately know what’s trending in Nigeria as of today.

Ever since Nigeria won the Nation’s cup, nothing has Unite the nation than this single Man.
His name? OBAFAIYE SHEM. Rings a Bell? *holds laugh*

In a recent interview with Channels TV, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC), Obafaiye Shem embarrassed himself on liveTV as he struggled to give a reply to the question; what’s the website of the NSCDC?

Shem said he would have to ask “my oga at the top” but after persuasion from the presenters he gave a shabby website address that shocked the country. “It’s http://www.nscdc, that’s it,” he said.

Please o. For the benefit of those who didn’t watch the Video, Read Transcript below……

Commandant: the website of nscdc….yes we (inaudible)……the….I cannot categorically tell you one now because the one that we’re….

Anchor1 interrupts
Anchor1: do you have multiple websites???

Commandant: wait, wait..the one that we are going to make use of, I’m not the one that is going to create it.

Anchor1: …..see the question is what is your website?

Commandant interrupts
Commandant: waaaaaaaait………

Anchor1: ok

Commandant: the one that we are going to make use of is going to be made known by my oga at the top….yes….I can’t announce one now and the oga says it’s another one that we are going to use…..

Anchor2 chips in
Anchor2: oh the nscdc has multiple websites????

Commandant: the something…..we..we…we cannot have multiple websites but the one that is*coughs* that…that my oga….

Anchor1 & 2 interrupt
Anchor2: no no it’s not the one for employment

Anchor1: what is your website now, the one you use normally, your official website?

Anchor2 chips in
Anchor2: ……..the official website if you want to know about the nscdc, what website do you go to?

Commandant: ok if you want to know about nscdc…..

Anchor2: exactly!

Commandant: ………as at now, ok…..www.*pauses*nscdc*pauses*…….yes….

Anchor2: ……yes

Commandant: so*coughs* that’s all (looks sideways at anchor1)

Anchor2: http://www.nscdc?

Commandant: (interrupts to reaffirm statement) nscdc…yes

Anchor1: that’s it?

Nigerian youths have taken to social media platforms like twitter using the hashtag; #myogaatthetop to create a whole new concept *even me self follow join use am, make I no lie*. And it’s been trending for days now!

Some as even went as far as making “My Oga At The Top” T-Shirts to mock the Nscdc boss.

Read some hilarious tweets:

*COURTESY NSCDC!!*”@ mrdavito_ : Make sense sha“@ mydoubletwo : #MyOgaAtTheTop tShirts available in stores nationwide.

Thy king dot com* RT @ thisisbfg : My Oga, who art at the top, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come… #MyOgaAtTheTop
— BadMan Coded (@DiKachii) March 13, 2013

I would have said Arsenal will win tonight but I do not want to say one thing and #MyOgaAtTheTop says another — Nwaukwa Ebenezer (@Ben_Nwas) March 13, 2013

Am I a fine girl? Wait, wait; I can’t tell u categorically and #MyOgaAtTheTop says somtin else.* Coughs* daz all…
— U.C.H.E.U.G.O (@UCHEUGO) March 13, 2013

#MyOgaAtTheTop knows it all tho RT @ macusdeco : I know, cos i know i dont know — DESPICABLE SOMEBORRY (@someborry) March 13, 2013

Hahaha #MyOgaAtTheTop “@ klintthedrunk : If the NSCDC man is ur dad and he complains that you got a GPA below 2points, show him his video”
— ♥♠Tee_Kim♠♥ (@Teetwinkles) March 13, 2013

“@ exschoolnerd : Abeg me I want a “the dot com” is silent tee jare” yeah but u gotta ask #myogaatthetop
— Imoh Umoren (@Majorboy8) March 13, 2013

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