We Will Shock Nigeria – Kenya Captain

AC Ajaccio player Oliech Dennis has said that Nigeria are in for a Suprise next week when Kenya comes to town in Calabar.

“The pressure will be on Nigeria especially having won the Africa Cup of Nations trophy. We will go into the match as underdogs. Everybody will be looking at how Nigeria will perform, this being their first competitive match after 2013 Afcon final,” he told Goal.com

“All we need to do is to prepare well and there is every possibility that we can get a positive result in Nigeria.

“The team is in good shape especially after we beat Libya last month in Tunisia. We just need to maintain the same momentum and spirit. We can shock them.”

While it is true that Kenya would be underdogs, I in no way see Keshi and his wards underating them. Keshi himself has said he’s not done with perfecting the team yet and it’s still work in progress.

However, Oliech maintaind that the Super Eagles had been beating them before but it’s time for power to change hands as they are now a team brewing with confidence and will not leave Nigeria unless with a Win.

“We are no longer the underdogs we used to be when losing to Nigeria. We have matured with time and grown in confidence,” he observed.

All I’ve got to say is that; We shall See!!! Sunday Mba is enough for All of You. *laughs Mockingly*

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