Not Forgiven – Dana Airline Suspended Again!

The last have not been heard of Dana Airline. This morning, we report to you that for the second time, the Federal Ministry of Aviation has ordered the immediate suspension of the operational license of Dana Airlines. This is coming weeks after the airline had just been allowed to resume from months of ban over the June 3 air crash that killed more than 150 people. Just last week, the airline operator had complained that it’s losing 30% profit daily as a result of the crash.

But the Senior Special Assistant (Media) to the Minister of Aviation, Joe Obi, told journalist that the decision to suspend Dana airline’s operational license became necessary as a fallout of unresolved issues bordering on safety in it’s operations. He affirmed that the airline would remain suspended till all the issues are resolved.

“Yes, it is true the operational license of Dana Airlines has been suspended. What that means is that the airline’s operations have been suspended till further notice. The suspension will remain in place till all the issues are resolved. It might be tomorrow. It might be in two or three days’ time. But, for now nobody knows for how long it will take for the issues to be resolved,” Obi said.
Meanwhile, Dana airline’s management has release their own statement in response to the suspension. Apologising to its customers, the airline operator said:

“We regret to announce the temporary suspension of our flight operations following a directive from the Ministry of Aviation through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) on Saturday, 16th March, 2013,” the statement said.

Personally, i think it’s time Dana Airline are left alone to operate. The Air Crash, as unfortunate as it was, is a result of the collosal downfall of our aviation industry and not just Dana’s fault.

Or What do you think?

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