West Brom striker, Osaze Odemwingie is evidently a frustrated Man. After ranting and venting his anger on twitter about been dropped from the super eagles, Osaze is back again!

Tweets emanating from his twitter handle shows he’s angry about the way the Baggies treating him, ever since he tried to force a transfer deadline move to Queens Park Rangers.

He tweeted:
“If they like they shouldn’t even give me 10 mins to play. Threatening to ruin my career? Career I closed already last summer? No harm to me,”.

In another tweet, he wrote:
“Want to treat me like an average player. The abuse and praise I get is it average? So get some extra from me too.”

After the transfer drama, Odemwingie was fined €87,000 and has come off the bench four times as the inform Lukaku is preferred up front by the manager.

“New advisers told me to take say it’s all my fault cosits better for me,” Odemwingie continued.
“Keeping me on the bench now is worse than what they did on the 31st.
“Drive was lunacy? Missing in the training section that day also lunacy? They forgot to complain about that though cos they knew were I was.

“Things have almost got back to normal till Peter spoilt it again. What’s normal? We see things differently obviously.
“Has anyone seen me give interview to clubs website for a year now? What about an interview in match day magazine? I am on my own there.
“Was ready to give half of the contract there and earn less to make it happen. Forcing a move really is when u want to leave 4 free.”

Maturity is knowing when to speak and when not to. When to show your anger publicly and when not to.
Oga Osaze, your own don dey too much!!!

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