2face Wedding I.V Cost #1.8M

After stunning us with the three-part gold coloured, studded invitation card for their traditional wedding which held two weeks ago (March 8), superstar couple 2face and Annie Idibia have taken it a notch higher with a specially-designed invite for their upcoming grand white wedding holding in Dubai on March 23, 2013.

The invitation is best described as a package containing a black invite card with white and red lettering, a small access tag (no one will be allowed on the yatch where the wedding is holding without the tag) and a travel guide.
Everything is contained in an expensive box with chocolate dressing.

The invitation package was designed by Karman Invitationers , a Lagos-based crafts company that specializes in items like this. A rep for the company tells us that each IV costs about N9000 and that 200 copies were made.

That means the couple doled out about N1.8m for the souvenir.

NET gathered that the IVs took about two to three months to be prepared and finished.

The Idibias are making sure every single detail tied to their grand wedding is of top quality!


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