SHOTS ON TARGET WITH KHOLAR: “Nigeria Gives Food Aid To America”.

Many will find this heading incredible and some might even see it as a joke or something from a movie trailer, but trust me, this is not something you will get to see on Africa Magic. And before you scream Olodo as my Surname, try give me some minute to prove a point.

First of all….. ( Hold that “Introduction” you are thinking of saying….), I’ll hit it on by saying that whichever way you choose to look at it, you will agree that it did happen. Though we are accustomed to seeing western nations give aids to poor countries, especially countries of the african continent, this singular event is hoping to turn the tables and challenge this norm. And though these largesee might not be courtesy of the Nigerian government, a Nigerian living in the united states single-handedly pulled this off.

This all played out on the nicki orish show aired on a lagos-based t.v station the penultimate week.

Many of you would believe that it is only in a poor country like Nigeria that you will find people living on the street, but believe me, this happens too in “God’s own” country.
This particular edition of the show was dedicated to showing the plight of people living in the street in downtown Los Angeles.
The anchor of the show, Nicki Orish, went through downtown los angeles and believe me, it was like Oshodi of blessed memory. The streets were strewn with homeless people with their beddings and blankets preparing to sleep. And as soon as the anchor was through with her “tour de los angeles” journey, it was time for the party proper.

She parked her car and opened the rear. And before i could say ASAT MEDIA, my American niggas and ‘nigurls’ had all lined-up like they were about to cast their vote in an election.

Chicken, bread and a can of a beverage drink was what was on the menu. And though the largesse didn’t go round, majority of them were fed that night and some were even coming back for more. (Oliver…… Oliver Twist……… Lebete, Labata….. *in @iamdbanj’s voice*)

The show was an eye-opener for me and i had to come to the conclusion that we live in a world of words and opposites and that no matter how prosperous a society is, some people would still be left behind.

******* THE END ********

Written by

Kolawole Olawole

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