Beauty Corner with Precious: Revealed! 5 Secrets You Should Know About Your Eyebrow.

If there’s one thing that contributes to the overall beauty of a lady’s face, its the eyebrows.

The brows are what gives shape to the eyes and softens the face. A well shaped, properly groomed, neat brows makes a ladies’ face beautiful and well kept. *I get very annoyed when i see ladies draw annoying brows that looks like Nike logo or when they decide to look like Witches and olgres in the name of brow shaping.*

As such, this week, we would check out a few tips to make good brows.

TIP 1.
Please, do NOT shape your Brows with either a Shaving stick, razor blades or such.
*Haba. It’s the 21st century nw!*
Use a brow Tweezer.

TIP 2.
Always keep your eyebrow groomed and neat even if you are not using a browliner. * I personally prefer to keep pencils off my brows.*

TIP 3.
Its really not Fashionable when you shave your brows, it actually makes your face older and horrible, * Unless you want to be Sango Lookalike* It totally makes you look ARTIFICIAL and FAKE.

If your brows are thin naturally, stay off tweezers. Just groom them.

TIP 4.
Never use weird colours like wine, red or oxblood on your brows. It makes you look like a clown.

Use­ a natural colour. Preferably a Colour close, say two shades or so to Your hairtone. Believe me, it makes your face lovely.

TIP 4:
If you have bushy brows,Tweeze them regularly, avoid Penciling brows heavily as they’ll just make your eyes heavier, giving you a tired, forlorn look!

TIP 5:
Do not apply cosmetics excessively to your brows. It only helps in making them weak and leds wrinkles to appear on your face.

So that’s it for this week. Short but Useful!

Remember to drop in the Comment Section your Questions and Comments.

Written By:

Temikotan Precious Aderonke

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