REVEALED!!! Osaze’s Problem is Marital

Nigerian footballer Osaze Odemwingie who married his lover Sarah Fallon last year is currently in troubled waters.

As we speak, Osaze is going through a tough marital problem that is showing forth on his career front.

Insiders just disclosed to Society Now Magazine that the marriage of popular Nigerian international footballer, Osaze Odemwingie is troubled.
And the reason being bandied bothers on the lucre- but the effect is apparent.

Sources claimed family members in concert with some friends are of the conviction ‘marriage is having an adverse effect on his career’.

The West Brom Albion striker got married to his wife, Sarah Fallon on 26 May 2012- after two years of dating. Since then he has embraced behaviour that transformed his blossoming career downhill.

He engaged authorities of the nation’s football governing body- Nigerian Football Federation and national team coach in a manner that attracted wide spread condemnation and got him sidelined.

The former Locomotiv Moscow star went on to engage club authorities in similar manner, to the extent of single handedly trying to switch to another club. The move earned him wide spread jeers and ridicule.

It also forced him out of team play and reduced him to the status of “training material”.
Information made available to Society Now Magazine revealed promoters of the campaign ‘marriage is having an adverse effect on him’ have totalled all the incidents and believe their is something about the matrimony making him to behave out of line.

They have however proffer a solution- Osaze should have a rethink about the union or at least take a temporary break from the union. Digs by Society Now Magazine revealed the pressure for Osaze to tow the ‘take a break path’ is intense, and troubling the marriage.

But the footballer remains unshaken in his commitment to his wife and marital vows. Whether the couple will be able to withstand the family pressure or not in days to come remain to be seen.

Before he embraced downward spiral after his marriage – Odemwingie was a darling of football fans both in his country and at his club.

Are they trying to say inter-racial marriage is bad or what?

How are they sure his sudden change in habit is his wife’s fault?

\Society Now Magazine/

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