GUEST POST : Creating and Taking Opportunities By Alli John Idemudia

It is said that opportunities come and go,and one must be ready and prepared to take them when they appear or you may never have them again.

Well, in my opinion, this is absolute nonsense.

Opportunities don’t come, one must create them and anything you create, you can take. It is absolute nonsense to believe that opportunities are like winds that must be captured before they are swept away. This notion only leads to hasty and often times disastrous decisions.

The truth is No one gives you an opportunity -you create your own opportunities, you go out there and wrestle opportunities to the ground and beat them into submission, you lure them out with sweets on a stick, you track them down and hunt them with an opportunity gun, you stay in their face until they give in – but no one gives them away. On a final note, always remember that each one of us is capable of achieving more than 100% of what we have ever done. Your potential should help you ‘shoot for the moon, because even you miss, you will still be among the stars.

Short but Powerful!

Alli John Idemudia is a trained Economist who major on financial investment and consultancy. He heads Jalli Investment and Consults

Alli John Idemudia

Alli John Idemudia


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