SHOTS ON TARGET WITH KHOLAR: “Unfortunate Reality”

As my Oga at the top continue to mount pressure on me to produce another wow article for your favourite blog, I sat in my father’s sitting room and strayed back and forth in thought.

What can i write about?

My mind went from the military onslaught in the north to the increasing popularity of gay marriage. But i couldn’t really settle for any of these. Then i remembered something i have been wondering about for quite sometime…….

It is this usual attitude of we consoling ourselves when something unfortunate happens. When someone dies prematurely, people come up with different answers to make sense of the situation. They be like, maybe if he hadn’t died, he would have gone mad or something. In conclusion, they say death took him away to cover his shame. But we fail to acknowledge the grim reality that we live in an unfortunate world and whether we like it or not, bad things just happen. To really drive home this unusual sermon. I’d like to share a personal experience with you.

Once upon a time, students of a university in Nigeria dubbed as a ”21st century university properly called” ( In Prof. Femi Mimiko’s voice ) graduated and were hoping to go for service at a a particular time. And as the appointed time got nearer, hope glowed then dimmed again. Again it glowed and dimmed again, and finally, the beacon of hope glowed the brightest and once again dimmed to glow again at a later date.

And again in their usual style, the son of men came up with an explanation for the situation, they always have an explanation for every situation and this time, it’s God’s time is the best. I’m not disputing their claim, but i just think culpability should be put where culpability is. I did try to make sense of the situation and had to come to the conclusion that it is a double-edged sword . The present situation will be a blessing to some and the other way round to some other people. It will be an opportunity missed and to some an opportunity just waiting. It would have been a wonderful friendship to some and to others, the wrong people they never met. I know you will all agree with me that it is a double-edged sword and we can only hope the supposed God’s time will indeed be the best time.

******* THE END ********

Written by

Kolawole Olawole. A graduate of Life University. Majors in Economic Reality. An Alumni of AAUA.

He can be reached on +234 806 652 7400


kholar - Asat Media

kholar – Asat Media

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