Random Thoughts With Asat – Straight Outta Beat Merchants

Nigeria is blessed, right? Well, when it comes to music, Nigeria is short from been fully blessed. Artists who sings sense are getting scarce. We are losing them not to Diseases or death. Contemporary Hiphop is the dearth of our musical soul.

I have said countless times I only rate few Nigerian artistes. While some are blazing “I Want Your Body Sleeping in my bed” and listing Fashola Eleniyan and Ogunmola Eleniyan as the bedmates, another of your contemporary artists promised to take you to his house; “from my couch to the BED, from the BED to the BEDOOM” Common Mbok!!!! Does the Bed precede the Bedroom? Olodo Oshi!!!

Asa, Brymo, Timi Dakolo and Bez have consistently been singing sensible songs in the face of musical impunity. I intentionally left out Cobhams because I see him as more of a producer than a singer! More recently, I’ve been following the carrier path of Adekunle Gold. Great Voice, nice delivery. Sade and Orente is a soothing balm to music lovers.

Iyanya is actually a sorry case in Nigeria music. Yes, he’s rich. Yes, Girls love him more. Yes, he now has a house in Lekki, but all at what cost? He used to be an artist, a proper artist that sings. But he pursued fame, glory and money. He left the musical path. He did Kukere and supposedly “blowed”. He’s been dishing out nonsense ever since. Entirely his fault? Nah! Y’all won’t listen to him when he was singing blues. He gave up and pursued the easy route.

I digress.

What’s been happening around me in the past week?

Straight Outta Everything!!!

Well, I just had to do this

Well, I just had to do this

See. I don’t rate Dr Dre. I don’t even know a beat of his songs. But I seriously respect him. I respect a smart entrepreneur when I see one. Dre and Beyonce’s Husband are more of business artists than music producers. You own a Beat By Dre right? You surely know the trademark owner, yeah? And if u you’ve join the “StraighOutta” bandwagon, just so you know, you’ve been helping Dr Dre promote his new album released this month. Now that’s smart PR from the Dre camp. My PR friend, DEBBIE can surely learn something from that.

Speaking of friends.

Seems everyone around me are stepping up big time. El Jay opening up his World Class Laundry and Dry cleaning Office. If you live around Surulere, he’s in Bode Thomas road, opposite Sweet Sensations. Way to go lad.

El Jay Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

El Jay be mixing it with ’em Big boys

Tracy finally left Warri and added to the over-population of Lagos. I mean, wetin the waffi girl dey find for Lag? On behalf of Oluomo 1 of Lagos, all the Danfo Drivers and the Agberos, I officially welcome you to Gidi. If you find your way to Apapa by any means, ask anyone around for Dotun Popoola. He runs Tin Can Island now.

Segun has taken her dimple to another level. She’s making money with it now. When a girl approach you to buy something with smile and a curvy dimple, wont you buy? Who wouldn’t? My girlfriend making serious beads these days with her Arewah Signature imprint. Lemme know if you would need one.

Arewah Signature

Arewah Signature

Finally, Karin been learning scooting. Way to go girl. By the time you’re through, guess you will have to ride round the new 5 regions of Nepal with Bidur. Some love story I’ll definitely leave to talk about some other day.

Sleep goddess

Sleep goddess

 You may need to check out Timi Dakolo’s “Wish Me Well” sound. Perfect Delivery. Fantastic video. For copyright issues, I wont be sharing the link here but hey, itunnes is just a click away. Go get it.

Remember to share your views with me as usual in the comment section. I’ll definitely give a reply. Keep your head up. Keep your game tight.

Enough of my ranting. I’ll be Back!