The Unbridling Case of Nigeria Entertainment

Davido OBO Necklace

Pretty funny entertainment news made the round the last couples of weeks. While I’ve been sipping my lipton tea in my Kermit state of mind, some of the news have repeatedly been resonating like a dangling gong in my head. “Davido revealed the cost of His OBO Necklace”, “Inyanya served Groundnut and Hennessey to VIPs in his Abuja Album Launch”, “Basket Mouth Blast Sean Tizzle”, “2face FORTIFED party” bla bla bla…….


I’m particular concerned with Iyanya. Yes, Iyanya again!!! I’m not trying to kill his career, as some people outrightly accused me of the last time i wrote about him. Listen, he’s my friend. He was once my favourite musician and i think he’s talented. But some things have to be set straight. Some truth have to be frankly spoken regardless of who’s been hit.

Lanister Iyanya

Lanister Iyanya

Album launch is a serious business. In this country, so many artists have raked in millions from the launch of their album even before the first copy of the album is sold. Did you just said how? Unlike the Americas or Britain, Album launch in Nigeria is done with a House Warming and “Naming Ceremony” flavour. While Jay-z and Beyonce will debut their Albums on Itunne and Billboards, thier Nigerian conterparts will rather make it an “Owambe affair” where their fans and well-wishers will come and spray Naira. So when iyanya announced his Applaudise Album Launch in Abuja, we all knew the format the Launch was going to take. Regular’s fees and VIP charges were all structured out. The Very Important and Rich fellas in the society will out rightly dough out Four Hundred Thousand Naira Only. An Amount an average Nigerian Student attending a public University won’t spend in Five years (I’m even assuming the student spilled oooo).

Royalty Bequest Royalty. If someone is forking out a VIP Amount, shouldn’t he be getting a VIP treatment? It’s just like flagging down a Taxi in Lagos. You sure know it’s exclusive and expensive. As such, you won’t expect the Driver to pick more people on the road. It’s just You and You. It must be just You! It’s an unwritten rule. An unsigned contract.

So how my “bloda” Iyanya ended up serving his VIP guests and Fans Groundnut. That’s EPA!!! Calling it groundnut may even makes it Tush. One of the angry guest was quoted as saying:

“When I told my wife that I got a table at iyanya’s album launch, she was ecstatic because the singer is one of her favorites. It came to us as a rude shock when we were served groundnuts and Hennessy. I mean we paid N400,000 just to be given groundnuts?”

And should the Season film should have ended there? Nah! Here the statement from his management team:

“Go and check iyanya’s promotion for the album, we did not promise anybody that we would put anything on the table. If you are sitting on the table, it is premium. iyanya gave them a proper show for three hours. iyanya and I were not in charge of what would be put on the table,”

So who should have been in charge of what’s on the guest table? Who is pocketing the #400,000.00 the guest paid? Whose brand and name is on the Show IV? Whose name brought the guest to the event? It’s one thing to be an inept artist, but to have an inept management just sums it up.


As always, your views and comments are ever welcomed in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “The Unbridling Case of Nigeria Entertainment

  1. Dis is arrant rubbish. Epa ke? On top #400000? Even a tray of epa sold by hawkers self cannot be more than #20000. If na me oooh, i go collect my money back. If d mgt believes dat d contract does nt include them providing food me self go tell am say d contract does nt say i can’t demand 4 ma money. Simple!

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