Novels, Novels and More Novels

Hello friends and fellow novel lovers.


I’m Lisbeth Salander and this is my welcome note.

Welcome to the novel world. Granted, you love novels and that’s why you’re here.

Yeah you heard me, I said novels. And when I say novels, I also mean, by extension, everything pertaining to novels. Things like writing, whether for novels, magazines- whatever you can think of, and reading too.

However, I know of you friends who do not like novels, maybe because they seem too long and it’s really sickening for you to imagine yourself sit (or lye- like me) for hours doing nothing but reading; or maybe you can’t seem to concentrate on a book , however interesting, for a long time.


Whatever your reason, if you would like to learn of how you can enjoy reading novels or books in general, not necessary long ones though, be ALERT and WATCH OUT for one of my succeeding posts. I’ll even suggest novellas that would make you want to read their related novels.

For my novel lovers, I have really interesting books for you too and lengthy series that would keep you going all year

Just wait and see!!!!

Lisbeth Salander  is an ardent communicator and writes from the Pan African University in Lagos, Nigeria.


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