Cord Lace vs Bathroom Slippers

You can’t be matching your cord lace with bathroom slippers. No, you can’t!

cord lace

Cord Lace. Elegant and Non Spurious

So, I have been seeing all this plenty posts all over the social media on girls of this generation being slay mamas and queens devoid of brain, substance, industriousness and charisma. Okay, today won’t be a day for slay mama argument I promise but guys, before you decide to wear your cord lace out, you better not be matching it with rubber slippers!


Take a critical look at the average male of this generation, his life revolves around his football team, FIFA17, Nairabet, Bet9ja, Accumulators, odds and the likes. His bragging right is earned by the number of girls he has “shyked” and his impending targets. Many of them cannot even hold an intelligent conversation. Try to strike up a conversation with them and expect a drubbing flow like this:

Him: Hi babe

Girl: Hi

Him: Xup?

Girl: I’m very fine, thank you.

Him: It’s raining here, I’m feeling cold.

Girl: Oh. Try and get covered

Him: Hmmm, can i come and hug you?

Pathetic bathroom slipper! (Have they stolen the transformer in your street?)

Ask him about himself and expect to hear something like:

My name is Dan, I’m from Ondo state, I’m a graduate of……… no substance whatsoever!

All his comments will not be more than wow! wow!! wow!!! ( bro, you an ambulance?) babe you’re so hot, send me your more pictures.  In fact, you’re an angel blah blah bleh bleh 😕😕😕😒😒

Try to be over reaching and ask him his pursuits/ambitions. Then expect one rubbish answer like ” Omo, I wan hustle o, make I buy Range Rover or Bugatti” – another layer of trash.

If he asks you about yourself, my dear sister don’t bother to go too real oh. Absolutely unnecessary because he expects something like: My name is precious, my friends call me Chocolate Curvy Goddess. My hooked-on channel is E! and my favorite color is pink. I love tall, fair bearded guys with pink lips. Don’t go make the mistake of discussing your interests in Classics, books, travel and your entrepreneurial skills. He can’t handle such.

He’s just a future head that have no life ambitions. He’s not goal oriented, not widely read, no business/skill knowledge, he’s also not patient. All he can offer is his torn-jean swag, fineBoyism, knowledge of football bants, his skills in female conquering and he doesn’t even respect his parents.

Ripped jeans

Lord swRagzzz, first of his name

Mtsheeew, oniranu!

Finally brethren, before you go on to insult a girl, saying she’s beneath your level or a slay mama by insisting she’s not a real woman, uncle, ask your self, do I deserve a real woman? You are there shouting real woman, real woman like a fuel price hike protester. If you want one, you better not plan to match her cord lace with that your bathroom slippers!


As always, short but insightful. Don’t forget to drop your comments and questions below.

Till another time on here, it’s Au Revoir.


Temikotan Precious Aderonke is a trained Microbiologist, beauty consultant (Not Make-up Artist) and currently a “Kopa” serving in the Fountain of Knowledge.




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