Random Thoughts With Asat – Insatiable Goals (Pre-18)

This was to be a motivational article. But I’m less motivated to even motivate you. So I’ll write my thoughts and drop the mic, Obama style.

Are we together?

What is your goal in life? Does the following tick it for you?

  • Make money;
  • Marry that soul mate;
  • Make more money;
  • Have kids.
  • Holiday in Bahamas enroute Seychelles Island.

You are on the right path. But that’s not why I’m writing. You see, our goals in life is a function of our circumstances and a subset of our age. I’m saying our goals move with our lives. Here, allow me to highlight some of the goals you’ve had, fulfilled and forgotten.

The ultimate goal, while we were small and in primary school, that comes to mind is the transition from pencil to biro. Oh yeah, we’ll should remember that. Teachers saying you’re too young to use biro and you’re condemned to that 2B pencil because you’re just not wise enough not to soil your notebook with ink and ink and more ink.

And the day you made the transition, you felt like a big boy and a slay queen, didn’t you? You started walking with a raised shoulder like

That’s goal number 1.

Then, you started craving for positions, even at that young age. You wanted to be the class captain (class rep is for the new millennium kids, I suppose). You wanted that power because your plan was to write noise makers without putting your name and yours in it. Strategizing and lobbying surely began at that age.

Then, in your last year in primary school, the goal was to be a prefect. In the first ten years of your life, your goals in life are mostly academic inclined. You wanted to upgrade, command respect and fling power. Not bad.

The next phase of your life, starting from age eleven is a fusion of academics and puberty goals. The first goal is acing that Common Entrance exam and entering that choice school. You beat that, then the whole class captain and power merchant struggle returned.

If you are egocentric, you’re also now much concerned about your grade. You want to top your class and be referenced by the teachers. That’s all you wanted at that point in time. And if it’s not working out for you, you start sulking like Alexis Sanchez.

And if your secondary school was like mine, the ultimate goal at the junior level was to move to the senior class, start wearing long trousers rather than the shorts that were akin to the designers modelled at Alagbon.

Oddly, the goal was also to have veto power over the juniors, send them on errands, collect their food and punish them just for no reason.

Sandwich in-between academics, the puberty goals were even more pronounced. As a guy, getting that first strand of hair beneath your mouth is the best feeling ever. And if it’s long enough to be stroked, you’ve surely made it in life.

Those tiny, curly and mostly useless beards were the ish at that age. We legit looked forward to growing one. And for those who were impatient, daily application of medicated spirit on the jaw still didn’t help their life.

The girl goal was to have noticeable reproductive organs and they ridiculed those who were late boomers.

Then, you got to the stage of turning your crush into your lover. Oh wait, you’ve been having crushes right from primary school, isn’t it? I know. But then, you didn’t have the problem of asking girls out or how to feel and react when you’re asked out. So you get to secondary school and you start looking forward to meeting the love of your life and doing all the lovey lovey things.

You’ve listened to all the albums of Westlife, Celine Dion, Joe, RKelly and Styl Plus were your role model. So you have an idea of how love should be played and it’s all sweet in your head. Then you asked her out, she agreed, you dated, reality checked in and it’s all over before it even started.

Heartbreak Hotel.

After several attempts at having a girlfriend, attempts been several letter writing, poems composition, confirm Song of Solomon toasting and those bad ass gators you imbedded on your trouser so you could look peng, the first day a girl says yes, you couldn’t believe it. You were like, so I can actually toast a girl and she’ll say yes? You run off to celebrate with your boys..

Finally, the goal was to graduate. But then graduation was one thing, passing your WASSCE with flying color was another. That was the ultimate goal of the secondary school. And many of us, if not all scaled through. From the day you checked your result in the cyber cafe and you passed, you sure knew your level don change.

There you go. That’s me done with the first part of this goals trilogy.

As always, kindly endeavor to drop a comment. Especially as it relate to goals you had pre-18.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts With Asat – Insatiable Goals (Pre-18)

  1. Wo! What’s all these?

    LOL! But in between primary and secondary school, some of us wanted the daddy and mummy role badly. But I think you can’t relate because of the school you attended.


  2. That pencil to biro transition tho, Primary 3 was the best year of my academic life just for the fact that i could finally write with that vibrant Eleganza biro. Lol😂. Good job👌👌


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