Why 2017 is the year of the Entrepreneur

In User eXperience (UX) design, we talk of user personas. In simple terms, a persona is one of many ideal persons that would eventually use a product you’re designing. To illustrate, if Facebook was still a project on Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop today, a UX designer creates ideal images of persons who would probably be interested in social media and why. A teenager, a housewife, an unemployed graduate – all would be personas for the future Facebook.

You see, real entrepreneurs see everything as a product. This article you’re reading is a product. You are the user. Who are you? Why are you reading this? What made you click the link to the article? Was it the keyword Entrepreneur? Was it the urgency of the year 2017? Was it just boredom? As the product designer, I need to know, in advance. Without this foreknowledge, my product (article) is doomed even before it reaches the internet.

So seriously, who are you? Let me guess.

  • An unemployed graduate seeking a way out through business.
    An employed person dissatisfied with their job and wants out to start own business.
  • You’re OK with your job for now but want to start a side business, just in case.
  • You’re really passionate about entrepreneurship and would never work for anyone else but yourself.
  • A housewife with a Bsc who needs to show the strength of a Woman in business.
  • You’re already running your own business but it’s failing.The headline was an immediate encouragement and you just had to read the article.
  • In reality, I didn’t have to create so many personas before writing this article. Likely, none of the personas above screamed your name. Or one did! If so, you‘re indeed home.

Truth be told, entrepreneurs are total fools. They’re revel in their wild dreams. They dare imagine creating a better world from a whimsical app. And add to that their utter arrogance: everyone must buy into their dreams without thinking. And when no one does, not even lovely mom, the unrepentant entrepreneur calls everyone losers. “I’ll take the plunge a lone star. And they’ll all see me shining over Silicon Valley in no time”, the dreamer says to herself.

But hey… I’m totally with you on this. I’ve been there and I still am. I know the feeling, the rejection, the frustration, the near breakdowns, the ‘bankruptcy’, and the mirth of victory (eventually). If you’ve been patient to read this far, the title of the article is apparently forgotten by now.

Flashback: Why 2017 is the year of the Entrepreneur.

Ok this has nothing to do with the recession. In fact, recession, IMO, is just a buzzword to describe the fiscal deficiency of a nation. It doesn’t address the fundamental trouble – an over dependence on government to fund our lives, which translates to a dearth of successful entrepreneurs. Or that feeling of entitlement your BSc endowed you. No you’re not entitled to anything. You’ve not created anything!

Entrepreneurs are creators of value.

So if you’ve been thinking of burning your dreams and picking up that ‘reliable’ 8 to 5 job, please STOP! You don’t know what you have. Your dreams are enough value, if you build them into products.

Guess what? You don’t need an MBA to design products that grow. Why? Your dreams are your dreams. Only you can live them! And don’t you ever forget that. Business schools are too routine to get you out of first gear. An MBA is for your future 8 to 5 CEO/CFO/COO, while you travel the world and dream more. Did Zuckerberg’s African trip pop into your mind? Stop it! The Facebook founder isn’t your reference point. You’ll never build another facebook. But you’ll build and grow your own business.

I can only help you in one way. I’ll teach you all I know and have done on product design. I wanna show you how to take your idea off your mind to Market. We’ll chat about idea and product validation, UX design ( I love this), MVP (don’t worry it’s just an unnecessary buzzword),product launch and everything between. I’m not going to speak Silicon Valley gibberish, I’ll talk as a fellow inhabitant of Africa.

The sessions are FREE!

I’ll be teaching Product Design: Idea to Market, on a simple platform we all use, whatsapp, over 3 evenings from April 23 to 25, 2017. Just send me your name and email address on 08143805147, on whatsapp to book a place.

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Muyiwa Ogundare is a teacher, life coach, entrepreneur, techy junky and the managing partner at Switbai Nigeria. 


GUEST POST : Creating and Taking Opportunities By Alli John Idemudia

It is said that opportunities come and go,and one must be ready and prepared to take them when they appear or you may never have them again.

Well, in my opinion, this is absolute nonsense.

Opportunities don’t come, one must create them and anything you create, you can take. It is absolute nonsense to believe that opportunities are like winds that must be captured before they are swept away. This notion only leads to hasty and often times disastrous decisions.

The truth is No one gives you an opportunity -you create your own opportunities, you go out there and wrestle opportunities to the ground and beat them into submission, you lure them out with sweets on a stick, you track them down and hunt them with an opportunity gun, you stay in their face until they give in – but no one gives them away. On a final note, always remember that each one of us is capable of achieving more than 100% of what we have ever done. Your potential should help you ‘shoot for the moon, because even you miss, you will still be among the stars.

Short but Powerful!

Alli John Idemudia is a trained Economist who major on financial investment and consultancy. He heads Jalli Investment and Consults

Alli John Idemudia

Alli John Idemudia


Four Laws of Entreprenuerial Success – Alli John Idemudia

Anyone can be an entrepreneur *at least, theoretically and in disney dreamland*. This is because every individual has the innate ability to think and reason out ideas, albeit in varying degrees.

However, it is saddening to note that very few actually become entrepreneurs. Most are stuck at the theoretical or at the ‘ideas stage’ while some even venture out on their ideas but give up after a few hard times. To be a successful entreprenuer, that is, a person who identifies business opportunities and turns those opportunities into profit for himself and the society at large, is not an easy task as many have come to realise.

Realistically, as ‘not so easy’ as it seems, it is possible for each and every individual who is determined and follows the four basic laws which are:
Law of vision,
Hardwork and

These four laws form the basic essentials for any successful entrepreneurial effort.

Vision serves as the propelling force of any entrepreneurial dream. It entails the mental picture of the end target for the entrepreneur. This is the motivation every successful entrepreneur must continually possess and fall back on during the hard times.

Passion is the fuel that pushes the entrepreneur towards the foreseen end target. Passion is what keeps the entrepreneur believing when others doubt, hopeful when others drop out, and pressing on when others fail.

Hardwork and patience is the car that must be fueled by passion and which drives the entrepreneur towards his vision. Many entrepreneur wanna-bes strangely believe that once they start out, success is just round the corner.
However, the truth is that success is not and never can be overnight.
Success comes to those who stick to their vision and work hard at it until they xperience the light at the end of the dark dark tunnel.

Finally, giving up should NEVER be an option for any entrepreneur who desires sucess. The starting point alway looks rough and unattractive but embedded in that roughness is the seed for an attractive outcome. No sucessful business that you envy today started big; they all started small and paid the price for greatness.

This piece was irked out of the pen of:

Alli John Idemudia, an Economist by birth and training. He’s an Investment Analyst and Heads Jalli Investment and Consults.