Cord Lace vs Bathroom Slippers

You can’t be matching your cord lace with bathroom slippers. No, you can’t!

cord lace

Cord Lace. Elegant and Non Spurious

So, I have been seeing all this plenty posts all over the social media on girls of this generation being slay mamas and queens devoid of brain, substance, industriousness and charisma. Okay, today won’t be a day for slay mama argument I promise but guys, before you decide to wear your cord lace out, you better not be matching it with rubber slippers!


Take a critical look at the average male of this generation, his life revolves around his football team, FIFA17, Nairabet, Bet9ja, Accumulators, odds and the likes. His bragging right is earned by the number of girls he has “shyked” and his impending targets. Many of them cannot even hold an intelligent conversation. Try to strike up a conversation with them and expect a drubbing flow like this:

Him: Hi babe

Girl: Hi

Him: Xup?

Girl: I’m very fine, thank you.

Him: It’s raining here, I’m feeling cold.

Girl: Oh. Try and get covered

Him: Hmmm, can i come and hug you?

Pathetic bathroom slipper! (Have they stolen the transformer in your street?)

Ask him about himself and expect to hear something like:

My name is Dan, I’m from Ondo state, I’m a graduate of……… no substance whatsoever!

All his comments will not be more than wow! wow!! wow!!! ( bro, you an ambulance?) babe you’re so hot, send me your more pictures.  In fact, you’re an angel blah blah bleh bleh 😕😕😕😒😒

Try to be over reaching and ask him his pursuits/ambitions. Then expect one rubbish answer like ” Omo, I wan hustle o, make I buy Range Rover or Bugatti” – another layer of trash.

If he asks you about yourself, my dear sister don’t bother to go too real oh. Absolutely unnecessary because he expects something like: My name is precious, my friends call me Chocolate Curvy Goddess. My hooked-on channel is E! and my favorite color is pink. I love tall, fair bearded guys with pink lips. Don’t go make the mistake of discussing your interests in Classics, books, travel and your entrepreneurial skills. He can’t handle such.

He’s just a future head that have no life ambitions. He’s not goal oriented, not widely read, no business/skill knowledge, he’s also not patient. All he can offer is his torn-jean swag, fineBoyism, knowledge of football bants, his skills in female conquering and he doesn’t even respect his parents.

Ripped jeans

Lord swRagzzz, first of his name

Mtsheeew, oniranu!

Finally brethren, before you go on to insult a girl, saying she’s beneath your level or a slay mama by insisting she’s not a real woman, uncle, ask your self, do I deserve a real woman? You are there shouting real woman, real woman like a fuel price hike protester. If you want one, you better not plan to match her cord lace with that your bathroom slippers!


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Temikotan Precious Aderonke is a trained Microbiologist, beauty consultant (Not Make-up Artist) and currently a “Kopa” serving in the Fountain of Knowledge.




Water, Water and Harmattan

Hello People. I am Back!

A very long sabbatical it was and i’m sorry for the break in transmission. It’s like forever since I shared something about Spotless Skin – Secrets Revealed. I had a whole lot of things to wrap up but truly, I am fully back.


This heat is getting unbearable and the truth is I can’t just wait for harmattan to lower the temperature. The sun this days is rated 18+ biko. The harmattan season, which most people dread, can actually be enjoyable with the right routine. Trust me, I know.


Visibility is usually poor during Harmattan

It’s a common knowledge harmattan often stresses the skin. So on beauty corner this week, let’s talk about this awesome pill I discovered recently. Don’t worry its not bitter. It’s cheap, easily affordable and totally works wonders.

The magic potion is mother earth’s milk..ok, ok, it’s WATER. Yes!


The effect of Harmattan can be very brutal

Water taken in the appropriate amounts can help cushion the effects of harmattan and actually make it enjoyable. For those that can, water therapy during this season can reduce dry lips, thirst and dry itchy skin. I have a easy schedule for my personal therapy that I would like to share with you.

Here it goes:

  • Drink 120ml of water immediately you wake up. Do not eat anything one hour prior to and after drinking. If you are starting for the first time, start with about 75ml and then increase it a gradual pace.
  • Wait for 45 minutes after meal before drinking water. When you do, drink at least  50ml, an equivalent of  1 sachet of pure water.
  • Do not drink soda or soft drinks with meals, and if you must, drink them separately.
  • Never go to bed thirsty. If you feel thirsty,satisfy that urge before you go to bed.

NB:The quality of water you drink matters. Please make sure your water source is portable.
A little exercise also helps. I personally prefer a short run because i’m a lazy runner but if you can it is helpful to warm up on a cold morning and get sweaty a bit. It helps to beat the cold and keep fit at the same time.

Europeans will say Winter is Coming. In Nigeria, we say Harmattan is coming.

Be prepared!

Till next week on Beauty Corner, stay healthy, stay fresh and stay beautiful.

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Till then, it’s Au Revoir.

Temikotan Precious Aderonke is a trained Microbiologist and an alumna of The Federal University of Technology, Akure.



Beauty Corner with Precious: Revealed! 5 Secrets You Should Know About Your Eyebrow.

If there’s one thing that contributes to the overall beauty of a lady’s face, its the eyebrows.

The brows are what gives shape to the eyes and softens the face. A well shaped, properly groomed, neat brows makes a ladies’ face beautiful and well kept. *I get very annoyed when i see ladies draw annoying brows that looks like Nike logo or when they decide to look like Witches and olgres in the name of brow shaping.*

As such, this week, we would check out a few tips to make good brows.

TIP 1.
Please, do NOT shape your Brows with either a Shaving stick, razor blades or such.
*Haba. It’s the 21st century nw!*
Use a brow Tweezer.

TIP 2.
Always keep your eyebrow groomed and neat even if you are not using a browliner. * I personally prefer to keep pencils off my brows.*

TIP 3.
Its really not Fashionable when you shave your brows, it actually makes your face older and horrible, * Unless you want to be Sango Lookalike* It totally makes you look ARTIFICIAL and FAKE.

If your brows are thin naturally, stay off tweezers. Just groom them.

TIP 4.
Never use weird colours like wine, red or oxblood on your brows. It makes you look like a clown.

Use­ a natural colour. Preferably a Colour close, say two shades or so to Your hairtone. Believe me, it makes your face lovely.

TIP 4:
If you have bushy brows,Tweeze them regularly, avoid Penciling brows heavily as they’ll just make your eyes heavier, giving you a tired, forlorn look!

TIP 5:
Do not apply cosmetics excessively to your brows. It only helps in making them weak and leds wrinkles to appear on your face.

So that’s it for this week. Short but Useful!

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Written By:

Temikotan Precious Aderonke

“Beauty Corner With Precious”. SPOTLESS SKIN – Secrets Revealed!

So, there’s this trend i noticed among we young ladies that is poking me to death (pun intended) – “The Excessive Use of Cosmetics”…… Since I’m still Young and not contemplating Death, I’ve decided to do something about the Trend before it kills me!

The first Headache that concerns me is why we (ladies) think that splurging chemical substances on our body all in the name skin Beauty when all we actually need for a radiant skin is the right type of Beauty regimen……….
Well, I’m not a woman of many words. To hit the Nail in the Head, Here are a few tips i’ve got on how to attain Beautiful skin

TIP 1:

Keep your skin clean: A
clean skin is a beautiful skin, wash your skin at least twice daily.

NOTE: Avoid the use of heavily perfumed soaps,use a mild soap preferably a pure one. E.g Ivory soap..

1. When washing your skin, avoid the use of Hard or scrunchy sponges, it scrapes off essential skin oils, leaving it dehydrated, dry, and flaky!
2. Wash Your face with the soft towel, please keep your hands off your face, your fingernails harbour harmful bacteria that could clog pores and damage skin cells.

TIP 2:

Feed your skin: Like your body system, do not leave your skin ’empty’. Massage your skin with effective naturals like Vitamin E oils and a good body cream!

If its a hot day, apply oil free body cream, or minimise its use, avoid the use of ‘skin whiteners’, as they contain mercury which destroys the surface of the skin and thus facilitates ageing!

TIP 3:

Reduce use of cosmetics. It clogs skin pores and prevents entrance of oxygen. If you wear make-up, stick to skin-sensitive products.

Never go to bed with your makeup on, if you are too tired to wash, clean your face with a damp towel!

TIP 4:

Keep your skin Hydrated. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, water is an effective detoxifier, it helps remove harmful and unwanted substances keeping your skin clean, fresh and smooth!

After washing your skin, if you have the time mostly at night, let the skin dry off on its own, it absorbs the water and is thus an important way of skin hydration.

TIP 5:

Balance your diet: Vitamins C and E, which helps the skin remain smooth and nourished are found in fruits and vegetables, so eat more of Them!

That will be it for this Week. Remember to drop your Comments and Questions below.

Written by:

Temikotan Precious Aderonke